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I grew up in church. My grandfather always made it a point to go to church, read your bible, and then eat a good lunch. He taught me to listen to the preacher, then go home and study what the bible says – to make sure you understand the message.

This is something that has always stuck with me. The best way I’ve found to really help me get a better grip on different verses is applying the verse into a situation that I’ve faced – in order to make it make sense in my life.

I chose the name of this page because my grandfather, and his huge heart had a big dream. He started Ray Of Light Outreach not long before he passed away. This is a non profit organization teamed up with our local SHARE. Once a month we go to the store and buy groceries then deliver them to families around town that need some extra help. Since my grandfather passed away my family has stepped up and taken care of this monthly – to honor him. He always dreamt of growing this Outreach into something more – something that had the capability of touching our community and even those outside of the community. I believe spreading the word of God – and helping people truly understand it and want to make it make sense is an idea that he’d be in love with. Pawpaw, this is for you.

I got married recently January 12, 2019 – to the man of my dreams. We’ve been together for five years, We started dating in high school, and somewhere along the way – he got stuck with me. We have a dog named Daisy, a cat name Mexer, and a 10 gallon fish tank filled with some fish.

We are pretty blessed, and it’s such an honor to share my words with you as you follow along on this journey. 💛

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